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Our company deals with electric drive and automation of industrial installations. Cooperate with the German and Japanese management:

  • servo drives - LTi GmbH

  • linear motors - ANTRIMA GmbH

  • device of CNC cutting machine - Eckelmann AG

  • optical sensors - Numerik Jena GmbH

  • installation of plasma cutting - Kjellberg Finsterwalde GmbH

  • prom. controllers - Panasonic

Linear motors

ANTRIMA GmbH Germany


The proposed linear motors-in-house "ANTRIMY".
Linear motors consist of stator, secondary parts, measuring rulers and servousilitelâ. There are linear motors as asynchronous (with the usual častotnikom) and synchronous (work only with servousilitelem). Linear motors are available with different strengths and different synchronous speed

CNC Devices

Eckelmann AG


CNC of German company "Eckelmann AG via CAN-interface work with proposed servo axes. Our CNC especially suitable for welding and cutting. CNC offers or as plug-in cards in PKI, or as individual control units. CNC machine is done either by using the keyboard or using the sensitivnogo screen (Touch Panel). CJSC "COMPETENCE" is the official dealer of company "Eckelmann AG" in Russia.

Servo Drives

LTi GmbH


In programme delivery is a German electric components "Lti-Drives GbdH" Some of these components in the system "ANTRIMAKS" and can be used to control how rotativnymi and linear motors. In the list of components include regular frequency converters with integrated positioning controller, as well as synchronous motors. Important is the fact that the proposed servos work perfectly with CNC systems. When the headlight is located in the drive, and the new coordinates are specified through CNC and are drive via CAN-interface.
Design of CNC machine tool using proposed approach optimally, reliably, and affordably priced!

Optical sensors

Numerik Jena GmbH


CJSC "COMPETENCE" is the official representative of German company Numerik Jena GmbH to supply optical sensors. There are high precision linear scales and rotativnye measuring systems. Linear motors CJSC «ANTRIMY» work with optical rulers.

Installation of plasma cutting

Kjellberg Finsterwalde GmbH


In connection with developments on the drive and CNC systems COMPETENCE "CJSC entered into a contract on distribution installations plasma cutting the German company "Kjellberg AG". Plasma systems "FineFocus" gives excellent results while cutting thick plates. System «HiFocus». In addition to plasma thin slabs of 0.5 mm, producing results that can be accessed only if plasma on laser installation.

Vertical turning machine

Aschersleben SCHIESS


Innovative Production Engineering
SCHIESS in Aschersleben is designing and manufacturing with know-how and competence unique solutions for the international engineering industry.


Details of machines and spare parts

Increasingly our customers ask about the precise details of the machines. In this area, we simply put the reasonably priced components and help in obtaining spare parts.

Industrial kontrolleny PANASONIC


Industrial programmable controllers and sensitive screens of PANASONIC company
-industrial type FP-e microcontrollers, FP0 and FP0R
-powerful and Compact industrial controllers of type FP-X and FPZ (SIGMA)
-Modular industrial controllers type FP2
-heavy duty industrial controllers of type FP2SH
-driving system and network management kontrollernye
-Control Panel and man-machine interface.

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